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I help dads

live better, more joyful lives,

even when they

feel lost or past it. 


Raising children is hard work.

No question.

There’s also no question that it’s the best job in the world.

 But as a parent, you give up so much of yourself.  

You see friends less often, negotiate constantly and can feel yourself

heading over the hill.

Day after day.  

Keeping fit and healthy is a lot trickier.  You don’t have the time to play as many sports as you did before.  Even if you did, you don’t recover like you did in your twenties.  You can feel the inevitability of age changing you, softening your body with dad-fat.  You negotiate meals because you’re thinking about your family as well and you’re probably pretty tired a lot of the time now.  More tired than you can remember being.  Heck, you might even find yourself with back problems wrestling with or carrying your kids.  

Figuring out what is best for your family is important. It takes a lot of thought and a lot of negotiation and there are so many books, websites, videos, not to mention well meaning grandparents who are more than happy to tell what you should be doing.  It can give you a proper headache.   

You want to do your best with your children, we all do, but how do you know what you do isn’t going to blow up in your face? You’ve still got to do some serious thinking and work.  After all, the buck stops with you.

Balancing your work and life can be hugely challenging.  Your career in will always take as much time as you let it, and you’ll feel like it needs more.  However, you’re human, you have a family, friends and a life that includes your job.  You need to figure out your work-life balance, but as a leader, as someone determined to be the best you can be, you might be your own worst enemy on that front.

That’s where I can help…


How I work

You have the potential to live a life of astonishing impact! 

You might not be able to see how though…

…yet. This is where coaching comes in…

1. We’ll schedule a consultation (free).   Sometimes this is enough to transform lives.

During this consult we’ll create incredible clarity on your life and motivations.

2. If you want more coaching, we’ll craft powerful goals that will inspire and motivate you.

3. We’ll then meet in person or online for six sessions. Six sessions is often enough to make a couple of significant changes.   

 I will be completely upfront and clear with you. Sometimes it may not be what you want to hear, but I will be honest and fully truthful with you in my feedback.

Over these six sessions, you will get real traction on your goals and take powerful actions, with a step-by-step action plan to which I will hold you accountable. We’ll take the drama out of change and just get it done.

Within a few short weeks, you will be seeing awesome changes.  You will find yourself with greater clarity, energy and balance.

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Coaching Success Stories

(Not all dads)

“It has been just 6 weeks since my first appointment with Colin and I haven’t felt this positive and physically healthy in a long time. I now feel much more in control of my life.  I am meeting my short-term goals, and I feel very confident that I can achieve my longer-term goals. I am exercising more regularly, eating more healthily, and I am physically in better shape because of it. I feel much more accepting of my current work situation, because I now have an achievable plan in place to do something about it. The future feels far more exciting now!”

Mathew W.

“Coaching has enabled me to get clear on my career change and what I want for my career and work.  It was totally unexpected!  It was offered as a new intervention at work and I took my employer up on the offer.  I’m now happy running my own business and I actually get to spend a lot of time with my family.  I don’t miss the 70 hour work weeks!  If it hadn’t been for the coaching, I’m not sure when I would have really looked properly at what was important to me, what my values were.”


I’ve been running my small design business for just over a year – I booked in for some sessions with Colin to see what I could do to find my ideal work / life balance that I had started to feel was missing. The sessions quickly helped me find the balance I craved… . 

More creating a more productive and streamline working environment. This freed up more time and gave me back the balance I was missing. I’ve come away with many great productivity tools that I use regularly in my working week (and an unexpected increase in sales too!). This new way of working is proving to have created a calm, balanced and more financially fruitful future. I highly recommend coaching as a practice and Colin Walke as a coach.
Nic Davies

Creative Director & Founder, Smart Design Studios

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Colin Walke BES, BEd

Accredited by The Coaching Academy

I’m a life and wellness coach.  I help dads, among others, to become the best they can be and make a massive difference in the world, even in overwhelming circumstances.

Over the past 13 years teaching and coaching in six countries throughout Asia, North America and Europe, I’ve learned to thrive in new cultures, achieving things I never imagined I’d be able to do.   

I’m a father and a husband, so I have a real understanding of the stakes involved in balancing life and excelling at work.  I fully understand how important it is to be the best dad possible.  

As a teacher, I wanted to help the next generation.  As a coach, I’ve been able to reach even more people, making an even bigger impact in the world by helping teachers and parents be their best.  It is simply a fantastic feeling.  

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