I’m a personal performance and mindfulness coach based in Bristol, UK. I help aspirational people become the best they can be, helping them achieve their goals in less time and to a higher standard by helping them think, act and perform better.  I can help you both excel and get your work-life balance right; do your job better and be happier.

As a former scientist and teacher, I use only evidence based coaching techniques (very important!) and will guide you through a rigorous, evidence based program of coaching work to enable you to become the best version of yourself.

I offer an initial intake session free of charge to ensure we will work well with each other and to establish the direction and expectations for the duration of your chosen contract.

If it appears we’ll work well together I then offer one-to-one coaching in blocks of 6 sessions of 80 minutes (£450). We’d schedudle these sessions weekly to ensure the concepts are taking root in your life.  This six week session would then usually be followed by a monthly £80 (min 3 months) with 2 sessions per month as well as telephone and email support to help you achieve your best year ever!

I can also do group or sequential coaching sessions for several coachees in one school, for instance.  These need to be bespoke for your circumstances.

You may find it useful to join me for one of the Bristol Coaching Collective’s Mindfulness Primers here in Bristol, a 4-week course introducing mindfulness and how to incorporate it into your life.  Get in touch for details.

It’s very important that you understand all sessions are confidential.  Anything said in a session cannot be divulged without the express permission of the coachee, regardless of who paid for the session.  The confidentiality clause will be established with the individual being coached.

Take the first step to overcoming procrastination and email or call to see if coaching is for you or your team.


tel: 07795103748