shutterstock_95264986Wayne Rooney just became the highest goal-scoring player
in English football history. Goals. Targets. Aims.  It’s getting from here to there. Something will be different when X happens. When that football goes in the net, when the arrow hits the bull’s eye; when something happens that creates a change that matters to those involved. It’s got to matter. Loads of things happen all the time. Every single instant, an uncountable number of things are happening, but they don’t all necessarily matter.

When setting a goal, it’s got to matter. It’s got to be a dream, something that just grabs you and says ‘This should happen!’.

The difference between a dream and a goal?

=> A goal is a dream with a date.

You might not have any idea how your goal will or even could come about yet.

It doesn’t matter.

You know what you want to happen. Pick a date. Pick a time. Pick a time zone.

Write it DOWN!

(The benefit of you writing your goal down on something, I’m not talking typing, it doesn’t seem to work the same. Chisel it into stone. Actually, don’t do that. Yes, you’ll remember the goal far better, but stone has a hard time growing with you.)

Write it down on paper.

Write it in present tense. As in: It is October 16th, 2015 and…

Write it so it’s personal: …I have five bookings for my magic show…

Write it positively:     I have. Never use negatives. No negatives.

Goals work by directing your mind to whatever it is you’re focusing on. Even if that focus has a ‘don’t’ or ‘haven’t’ in front of it, you’re going to focus on whatever it is comes after that. It’s going to work against you.

There.   Got it?

One simple sentence. What you want. When you want it. No Negatives. Done.

Now, say it to yourself three times.

Out loud.


Now, imagine you’re actually there, in the future, having accomplished your goal.

What are the benefits you get from accomplished your goal?

What have you done to get there? What were the steps? What have you changed? Who have you met? What have you cut out?

Got that? Write down the answers.

Take a look at those steps.

That’s your task list. Some of them might be mini-projects with several steps of their own. Treat them like goals.

Now go get them done.


What has been your experience with goal setting? What has worked for you? How does your process different from this one? Any ideas for improving this?

If you do try this process, let us know how it works for you in the comments!